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ently nodded. The original boundaries of ancient endless guide practitioner could be so strong There are three dominate Unfortunately, that war are dead. That war, represent two different eras. Ancient practitioner command of the era, since the end. Union Road command of the era, since the beginning. The older generation, that I m here, silly watching it Ji Ning Road. Ah, you re alone, and you Microsoft Certification do nothing to chance, and you are old masters who came before this, otherwise can not come. Juvenile bald black nodded. Chapter 33 in the third ten volumes of the cave Nothing Ji Ning also somewhat surprised to see a white figure lying not far, said the MCSE: Communication white dominate it He is the master of your Union Road. Juvenile bald black road, When that war, he first hit the enemy killed, my master and later a fatal blow to the enemy, we can also hit the enemy in the death of my master, I am the owner of injuries too, this left last MCSE: Communication it exam words, leaving the proper arrangements. As you track the Union dominated by white and did not leave any last words. As some of the treasures he left behind. my master naturally smoothly away, arrange some tests, to younger disciples. Bald black teenager said. Ji Ning blink under the eyes. That is our predecessors Union Road treasures I m Road Union Ji Ning only shouting numerous heart, he can understand the mentality of each other, after which the field of ancient war, the end of the era of ancient practitioner, said Union to become a real ru.

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
70-384 Recertification for MCSE: Communication Microsoft MCSE: Communication

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